Operating as an in-house and field program, all participants are required to take part in the “Staying Drug-free and Out of Prison System” programs.  They are also encouraged to fulfill no less than 4 out of — of the programs both in-house and in their communities; with help from experts and mentors in each field, guiding them through the program, encouraging them in goal-setting, monitoring their service project selection, and serving as positive role models.

We take great pride in teaching Entrepreneurship to people of all ages.

How to start your own small business:
Creating jobs and maintain stability

We teach Entrepreneurship: the art of taking action.  It is more than simply having vision – it is having the courage to persevere through all of your failures; to find the one success that drives the value of your business.  That process is at the core of any entrepreneur: using their past experiences, common sense, and intelligence to make mindful decisions, taking the results into account – whether positive or negative – so that they can transform their vision into a real business.