Meet Our Team

lunic about us

Lunic is a Motivational Speaker, Serial Entrepreneur who believes in the power of SERVICE.  Service to those in need locally and Globally. 

In 2013 she founded A Day At A Time Foundation (ADAAT) a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization after seeing the impact that she and her volunteers were having on the community by way of volunteering and feeding the homeless and missionary work in her parents native country Port Au Prince Haiti.
she has made it her mission to continue to build on her foundation as a journalism major from Montclair State University by curating  “The Wonder Years, a successful Teen Media Camp with a mission of raising strong, healthy, well-balanced girls locally and internationally.
She currently partners with other Non-Profits who share her love for growth and change.

Lunic’s ability to overcome her own struggles with addiction, homelessness and domestic violence is what inspires her in making a difference.  Waking up every morning and remaining optimistic, that her efforts will help change lives is her greatest motivation.  Being an entrepreneur has afforded her the ability to live the life she always wanted, freedom to come and go and she pleases and creating platforms that inspire, educate, and motivate others around the world.

Board Members

IMG_4450Mr. Glen T. Pinder Principal (Educational Program Coordinator)

Visionary Educator with a wide range of experience in both private and traditional school settings both here in the U.S. And abroad ranging from Kindergarten to 12th grade.13 years of educational leadership in Primarily in Urban Centers including Harlem, Newark and Currently in Brooklyn. Proven track record in school turnaround.

Ms. Jennifer Baptiste BSN, RN (Wellness Coordinator)Image-1

Dedicated Registered Nurse with 10years of specialty experience in Telemetry/Cardiac Care nursing. A professional history of providing compassionate clinical care with a personal commitment to community volunteer work and advocacy for health promotion and wellness.


shaasiaSha-Asia Jerez An entrepreneur in its truest form, my aim is to be proactive in order to produce greatness that will positively impact my community. Board member to local organization A Day at a Time, as well as a licensed realtor, I invest myself deeply within these outlets in order to show my level of commitment and dedication to a place I call home. I consciously aim to demonstrate that I am no stranger to hard work. ‘A lone wolf never prospers,’ is a famous quote in which I fully believe. I want to thrive, flourish, and soar with those of my community. If we are better, we can impact change elsewhere and allow other communities to sprout and grow the same. That is the aim. That is my mission. I am a dedicated woman who isn’t afraid to Think Big. I challenge everyone to join the journey.

Bonnie Arriaza